Thank you District 77!

I entered this campaign to give voters a choice and with your help, our message for change was shared by many. I think we have learned the institutions which defend our democracy cannot stand without our care and protection. The days ahead will be full of challenges, but I believe we can become, once again, a more rational and compassionate nation. Thank you for your words of encouragement and support and may we all continue to “make good trouble”. - Keith Townsend

We need greater investment in Rural Broadband across North Carolina.

In 2020, rural broadband internet access is equivalent to the expansion of electricity into rural areas in the earlier century. It has become a necessity for the residents of NC.

I'm Keith Townsend, and I'm running for NC House District 77 to serve all the people of Western Rowan and Davie Counties.

But no candidate can do it alone.

Your contribution will help my campaign win the campaign for NC House 77, flip the majority in the NC House and help make North Carolina a forward-looking leader among American states again.

Thank you very much for your support!

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My Priorities in the NC House will be:

  • Rural Broadband Access

  • Protecting our Environment

  • Medicaid Expansion

  • Public Schools

  • Racial Equity

Letters from Keith

Dear Friends,

Since the beginning of the pandemic over a million North Carolinians have applied for unemployment insurance. In 2013 our state slashed more than $300 million in federal assistance that was essential to the program. Over 170,000 people were immediately affected. The maximum weekly benefit for an individual was cut from $535 to $350. Also, the length of time one could receive benefits was drastically reduced from 26 weeks to 12.

Two of our local legislators in the General Assembly, Julia Howard (District 77) and Harry Warren (District 76), helped to design and support this legislation which created the stingiest unemployment insurance system in the nation. There were far more unemployed workers in NC then there were job openings when this bill was passed. Nonetheless, Julia Howard was quoted as saying, "This unemployment insurance is becoming a welfare-dependent program in a lot of cases." She also stated, "We made it reasonable, so it was not just a gimme."

Unfortunately, the damage inflicted on NC workers is still with us. Six years later, at the end of 2019, less than 10% of those who were jobless in NC received benefits, which was last in the country and well below the national average of 26%. Last year the weekly benefits in NC had been reduced down to $277 while the national average was $378. This is a policy engineered by the General Assembly to punish and humiliate constituents who instead simply need temporary help. We can do better than this.

It is time, especially during our current pandemic, that N.C. lawmakers focus on the needs of their constituents.

Sincerely, Keith Townsend for NC House 77

August 29, 2020